Your application for World of QUANTUM

Secure your share of success – with an exhibitor stand at World of QUANTUM 2025, the international trade fair for Quantum Technologies.

Application as main exhibitor

Anyone wishing to participate in World of QUANTUM 2025 as an exhibitor must apply online as a main exhibitor. How you can apply, and what you should pay attention to, is explained here.

Main exhibitors who wish to have co-exhibitors at their stand must register online as well. Further information can be found here.

Hall planning for the World of QUANTUM starts on November 4, 2024.

Tip: If possible, please use the browser Google Chrome in order to fill out the online application form. Display problems may occur with other browsers.

We are looking forward to your registration request!

Information on registration

The application process step by step

We are pleased that you would like to participate in World of QUANTUM as a main exhibitor. Please read the following instructinos carefully; they contain important information regarding the application process. All further information on preparing your trade-fair participation can be found under Tips, Dates & Deadlines.

Please note: Stand building, equipment and various other services can be booked later, after successful registration and accepted placement proposal, via the Exhibitor Shop.

How to apply

  • Open the online application and enter all required data. Please do not forget to submit them at the end. In our User Guide for online exhibitor registration we explain step by step how you can register online for World of QUANTUM.

  • The registered company is the contractual partner and thus the invoice recipient. If a different invoice recipient is desired, the trade-fair management must be informed as early as possible by e-mail to and an appropriate form must be requested. Subsequent invoice changes will be charged with 50 EUR.

  • The contact named in the application will receive the placement proposal as well as the access data for the World of QUANTUM Exhibitor Shop.

We strongly recommend you to apply early. The sooner you do it, the greater the chance that you will receive your desired placement.

Hall planning for the World of QUANTUM starts on November 4, 2024.

What additional costs are incurred when booking stand space only?

The obligatory communication fee, the AUMA fee and the waste disposal fee. In addition, the advance payment for services is due upon registration. This will be offset against the services actually booked at the end of the event. These fees are explained in detail in our Special Terms and Conditions of Participation, B3.

Other services that you require when booking a stand area only, such as stand construction and associated equipment details (e.g. partition walls, carpeting, electricity) as well as exhibitor passes and advertising materials, can be booked via the Exhibitor Shop according to your requirements.

How many exhibitor passes do I receive as an exhibitor and what are online vouchers?

Each exhibitor receives a specific quantity of free exhibitor passes for his stand for theduration of the fair.

  • up to 4m² of stand size: 1 exhibitor pass
  • up to 12m² of stand size: 2 exhibitor passes
  • up to 20m² of stand size: 3 exhibitor passes
  • from 20m² for every additional 20 m² or part there of: 1 exhibitor pass (in addition)

Additional exhibitor passes may be ordered for a fee of 56.00 EUR/pass in the Exhibitor Shop.

Exhibitor passes are only intended for stand personnel and may not be passed on to third parties. We reserve the right to confiscate exhibitor passes if they are misused.

Including co-exhibitors at your stand does not increase the number of exhibitor passes. NEW: Each co-exhibitor receives 2 free exhibitor passes.

An online voucher for a day ticket is a free admission voucher for your customers, which you can order in our Exhibitor Shop. With online vouchers, you can invite your customers to visit your stand particularly easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

We charge EUR 24.00 per redeemed online voucher. However, you will only be charged for tickets actually used and the payable amount is capped depending on the size of your stand: If your stand area is below 100 m², you will pay for no more than two tickets.
If it is equal to or in excess of 100 m², you will pay for no more than one ticket per square meter of your stand area. Co-exhibitors that do not belong to the same group of companies as the main exhibitor payfor no more than 20 redeemed ticket vouchers.

Sample calculation for main exhibitors: If you rent a stand of 20 m²: 20 x 2 = 40. You will pay for no more than 40 ticket vouchers and the maximum total will be 40 x EUR 24.00 = EUR 960.00. Your online vouchers will cost no more than EUR 960.00, regardless of how many you order. If fewer ticket vouchers are used, you will only pay for the actual number of re-deemed vouchers.

If more visitors use their online vouchers than the number calculated using the abovesystem, you do not have to pay anything for the those additional, used tickets!

So invite as many visitors to your stand as you like—it really pays off!

When are fees incurred for a cancellation?

Your registration is initially non-binding and not associated with any costs. Cancellation fees will only be incurred if you wish to return your stand space after your confirmation of the stand proposal.Cancellation of stand space must always be made in writing to

In the event that Messe München GmbH is able to sublet the stand space to a new exhibitor, the cancellation fee will be 25% of the participation fee. If it is not possible to sublet the space, 100% of the participation fee will be charged.

Co-exhibitors: application and prices

Main exhibitors who wish to register co-exhibitors for participation in World of QUANTUM can do so online using an individual link. The registration is mandatory.

You are a main exhibitor and would like to register a co-exhibitor for your booth?

Once you have finalized the main exhibitor application, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of the registration request. This e-mail will also contain the individualized registration link that you need to register your co-exhibitors.

This registration link is also available in the World of QUANTUM registration portal. Under “My registrations”, you can view your submitted registrations. Select the “Co-exhibitor” icon under “Actions” to find the link to register your co-exhibitors. Copy this into your browser to complete the registration form.

If you have registered as an exhibitor for various events of Messe München, please make sure that you select the World of QUANTUM registration.

If you have registered several stands for World of QUANTUM, please select the stand for which you want to register the co-exhibitors.

How much does it cost to register a co-exhibitor?

The application fee for co-exhibitors, which includes the mandatory communications fee, is EUR 865. The main exhibitor will be invoiced for this fee.

All co-exhibitors have the same advantages as main exhibitors and will be listed separately as exhibitors in the visitor guide and in the online exhibitor directory.

You would like to register as a co-exhibitor?

Co-exhibitors still need to apply through the main exhibitor. The main exhibitor receives an appropriate link which can be used to apply as co-exhibitor on his stand. To receive this link, please contact your main exhibitor.

Application deadline for co-exhibitors to be included in the printed trade fair directory: will be published soon.

Later registrations are gladly accepted. However, co-exhibitors can then only be included in the World of QUANTUM media.

Learn more about your opportunities as an exhibitor

Be there when World of QUANTUM opens its doors again in June 2025. We would be pleased to support you with professional advice on your successful appearance at the trade fair.

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