Prices for stand space and combination packages

Prices for stand space only

Select your stand type. You are responsible for designing, planning, setting up and dismantling your stand yourself. Participation fees consist of the square-meter price for stand space and transparent additional fees.

Please note: The pure stand area does not include carpets, walls or electricity. Stand construction is mandatory for all exhibitors. This can be carried out either by your own stand constructor or by our stand building partner meplan.

Stand typePrices

Row stand (1 side open)

280 €/m²

Corner stand (2 side open)

320 €/m²

End stand (3 sides open)

330 €/m²

Island stand (4 sides open)

340 €/m²

Sketches of the stand types: Row stand, corner stand, end stand, island stand

Costs in addition to participation fee


Mandatory communications fee*

865 €

Fixed-rate waste disposal fee

5.50 €/m²

AUMA fee

0.60 €/m²

Advance payment for services

20 €/m²

* The media services included in the mandatory communication fee can be found in the B Terms and Conditions under B 11 Media Services.

Other fees and prices


Co-exhibitor fee/Additionally represented company
(A registration fee will be levied for each co-exhibitor/Additionally represented company. The registration fee includes the mandatory communication fee. The mandatory communication fee for each co-exhibitor/Additionally represented company includes the same services as for the main exhibitor.)

865 €

per online visitor voucher that is redeemed
(However, you will only be charged for tickets actually used and the total cost is capped depending on the size of your stand: If your stand area is below 100 m², you will pay for no more than two tickets per square meter of your stand area. If it is equal to or greater than 100 m², you will pay for no more than one ticket per square meter of your stand area. Co-exhibitors that do not belong to the same group of companies as the main exhibitor pay for no more than 20 redeemed ticket vouchers.)

24 €

Exhibitor pass

56 €

Combination packages for the World of QUANTUM

Would you like a package that includes stand space, stand construction and all additional costs? Then book one of our stand packages with attractive services.

The current prices will be announced here before registration begins.