Why have a Career Day at the World of QUANTUM?

The job market poses major challenges for the economy: The baby boomers are retiring from the workforce, specialised workers are becoming increasingly scarce, and companies are competing on an international level in their search for qualified employees. This is a trend that HR departments expect to intensify.

Therefore, employer branding & recruiting have long been among the top strategic issues in companies: 93% of all employers hire new employees, but fewer and fewer of them believe in finding the right candidates for their vacancies. At 57%, the majority of hires worldwide are in the engineering sector. Now, more than ever, it is important to address this target group precisely where it meets in a concentrated manner—and is open to an interested exchange. Because experience shows: A non-binding technical discussion can turn into successful recruiting surprisingly quickly.

Ideal environment for convincing employer branding

At the World of QUANTUM, your company presents every of all its facetes—as a combination of products, brand, personal encounters and a whole lot of experience character. In addition, the World of QUANTUM offers you many additional opportunities to showcase your company parallel to the world's leading trade fair LASER World of Photonics & the world's leading trade fair automatica.

The Career Days premiere at the World of Quantum

We want to give exhibiting companies the greatest possible flexibility and visibility.

For just 950 € you can place yourself with a rollup or a banner on an area around the forum, in addition you can publish your vacancies digitally as well as onsite and you can dive directly into the conversation with future colleagues.