Joint Pavilions: An interesting alternative

World of QUANTUM 2025 once again features a variety of joint and state pavilion options. Your alternative to an individual stand. Would you like to organize an association or state pavilion?

Approval conditions for joint pavilions (FKM)

A joint pavilion is a stand at a trade fair at which various joint pavilion exhibitors present their products and information together. It is organized by a joint pavilion organizer.

A joint pavilion organizer is an institution (company, individual, or organization) that has been provided with an exhibitor stand space by the trade fair organizer, and which can contractually agree with exhibitors on how this exhibitor stand space is used without presenting or distributing products, services and/or rights there itself.

A joint pavilion exhibitor is an exhibitor who, with the consent of the trade fair organizer, presents or distributes products, services and/or rights with personnel at the pavilion of the joint pavilion organizer.

Information for organizers of a Joint Pavilion at World of QUANTUM 2025

We have summarized the most important information for planning your joint pavilion below. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us personally at any time.

1. Application

Please complete the online application for joint pavilions in full.

In your application, you can already choose whether correspondence should be sent solely to you or to your joint pavilion exhibitors/co-exhibitors. You also have the option in your application of choosing whether the additional services ordered by the joint pavilion exhibitor/co-exhibitor should be charged to you or directly to the ordering party in the final invoice.

For the first time this year, application for joint pavilion exhibitors/co-exhibitors will be via a co-exhibitor link. You will receive this link together with your application confirmation.

You can either send this link directly to the joint pavilion exhibitor/co-exhibitor to complete, or you can complete the application for each exhibitor yourself. That dispenses with the tedious task of additionally filling out lists, and the data is stored directly with and in the system.

2. Placement offer

The placement offers for the entire area will probably be sent to the Joint Pavilion organizer at the end of January 2025.

Internal distribution of the space will then be carried out only by you as the organizer, A stand number will be assigned for the entire area.

3. Participation fees

3.1. Space price

To simplify your calculation, a uniform price of EUR 285 per m² will be offered for joint pavilions at World of QUANTUM 2025, irrespective of the type and size of the stand.

The following costs will be added:

3.2 Mandatory communication fee

The mandatory communication fee of EUR 865 per exhibitor will be charged uniformly this year for all main exhibitors and joint pavilion exhibitors/co-exhibitors.

You can find what the mandatory communication fee includes in the Special Terms of Participation (B) for joint pavilions.

3.3. Advance payment for services

Messe München requires an advance payment for services of EUR 20.00 per m² of rented exhibition space. The advance payment for services will be offset after the trade fair against the services actually booked.

3.4. Fixed waste disposal fee

The mandatory fixed waste disposal fee of EUR 5.50 per m² covers the costs for disposal of all waste produced at the exhibitor’s stand during setup and dismantling, and throughout the duration of the trade fair. It does not include the disposal of production waste and trade fair stands.

3.5. AUMA fee

All exhibitors are charged a fee of EUR 0.60 per m² of rented exhibition space by the German Council of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (AUMA). Messe München GmbH will charge this amount to the organizer for all exhibitors on the joint pavilion and pay it directly to AUMA.

4. Invoicing

4.1. Basic information

The following applies: The party ordering the services is also the invoice recipient.

Please note: All costs indicated are shown with the net price. German exhibitors / exhibitors with a German VAT ID will be invoiced with 19% VAT. Exhibitors from the European Union with a valid VAT ID, and exhibitors outside the EU will not be charged VAT.

4.2. Admission invoice

The admission invoice with the settlement of the total area booked and the associated additional costs will be paid in advance by the joint pavilion organizer/main exhibitor.

4.3. Final invoice

In the final invoice, you can choose whether the additional services ordered by the joint pavilion exhibitors should be invoiced to you or directly to the joint pavilion exhibitors. We would like to point out that final invoices cannot be split, not even for cost allocation for technical services, electricity, or marketing services. All mandatory communication fees will be invoiced to the organizer/main exhibitor with the final invoice.

4.4. Different billing address

A different billing address can be specified in the application.
A processing fee of EUR 50.00 (plus VAT) will be charged for subsequent changes to the billing address.

The admission invoice and the final invoice can NOT be issued to different invoice recipients.

5. Orders

5.1 Exhibitor Shop

In our Exhibitor Shop, you and your joint pavilion exhibitors/co-exhibitors can simply place orders for services, advertising space, or marketing materials online. As soon as your participating companies are registered in our database, you and your joint pavilion exhibitors/co-exhibitors will automatically receive the access link to the World of QUANTUM 2025 Exhibitor Shop by e-mail. It is expected to go online at the start of 2025.

5.2. Technical services

All technical services (electricity/water/rigging) must be ordered by you as the organizer.

Our team from Technical Exhibitor Service (TAS), department 2 (e-mail: will be happy to help you plan your pavilion and answer any technical questions you may have.

5.3 Exhibitor passes

Every joint pavilion exhibitor/co-exhibitor and the joint pavilion organizer will receive two exhibitor passes free of charge. EUR 56.00 will be charged for each additional exhibitor pass.

Passes can only be ordered online via the Exhibitor Shop. The access data will be sent to you or your joint pavilion exhibitors/co-exhibitors as soon as we have received their applications and the Exhibitor Shop is live.

The exhibitor passes are not intended for stand staff. All passes, whether free or subject to a fee, must be personalized. When ordering, you do not need to differentiate between free passes and those subject to a fee. Unused exhibitor passes will not be charged, and the two free passes will be deducted from the amount to be charged in the final invoice.

The ticket does NOT entitle holders to free use of the Munich Public Transport Network (MVV).

5.4. Voucher for a visitor day ticket

Each co-exhibitor of a joint stand receives 20 complimentary online vouchers for a day-ticket, which will be settled with the final invoice. Additional vouchers can be ordered online in the Exhibitor Shop.

Only those visitor tickets that are actually redeemed will be invoiced to the exhibitor. EUR 24.00 will be charged for each redeemed voucher for a day ticket. The costs for all redeemed vouchers will be offset against the final invoice after the end of the trade fair.

6. Marketing Services

Increase your trade fair success exponentially through networked marketing activities. Our marketing services are carefully coordinated to ensure that your trade fair participation is a success factor for your business: Exclusive advertising space and sponsoring opportunities generate attention exactly where they have the greatest impact. You can find more information on our website

jl.medien GmbH will also be supporting us at World of QUANTUM 2025 as our partner for trade fair media.

Our media service partner will take care of your entries and advertising opportunities on the exhibitor portal online, in the printed Visitor Guide, and in the LASER World of PHOTONICS app. jl.medien will contact you directly and provide you with further details on the marketing services. 

The company entry in the exhibitor database is essential for your trade fair presence. Only then does your company “exist” in the trade fair media and can be found specifically.

The exhibitor data will only appear in our online database once the participating exhibitors have applied accordingly via the co-exhibitor link. The exhibitor database is expected to go online at the start of 2025.

7. Important information and contacts

7.1 Exhibitor service newsletter

We will use our exhibitor service newsletter to support you as the organizer and your joint pavilion exhibitors/co-exhibitors in your preparations for the 2025 event year. We will remind you of important order deadlines, inform you about the supporting program, and give you tips on how you can make the best use of the marketing potential of World of QUANTUM to suit your purposes—before, during, and after the trade fair.

7.2. Validity of admission tickets

All tickets also entitle the holder to admission to the LASER World of PHOTONICS and automatica trade fairs taking place at the same time. A separate ticket is required for the congress.

7.3. Important contacts

Exhibition Management: Messe München GmbH,

Stand construction: meplan GmbH,

Media services: jl.medien GmbH,

8. Overview of dates

  • Final deadline to return up to 50% of the reserved stand space free of charge: January 31, 2025

  • Application for your joint pavilion exhibitors/co-exhibitors: no later than the end of March 2025 for entry in the printed Visitor Guide, permanent by the start of the trade fair – entry only in the online directory

  • Admission invoice will be sent out at the end of February 2025

  • Availability of marketing services (online) and access data for the Exhibitor Shop: from the end of February 2025

  • Personalization of free and additionally ordered exhibitor passes: from March 2025

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